From our chairman

"To build a flourishing development company from scratch is not something that happens every day. PSJ INVEST did not appear spontaneously; it was the result of hard and responsible work that had to bring good results - that is what clients expect.

Our aim is to strengthen our position in the market for office, retail and residential space. Secondly, improve our standing as a developer of industrial, distribution and shopping centres. Thirdly, to secure sufficient resources for expanding our operations to other regions both in the CR and abroad. Last but not least, in addition to our activities as a developer, we are starting to provide strategic and financial acquisitions.

We want to participate, in a unique manner, in the creation of a higher quality of life. We can anticipate and satisfy the needs of customers; we can manage the most demanding construction and development projects in challenging markets.

The company motto is professionalism. Reliability is of the same importance to our business partners since long-term planning and resulting prosperity are only possible if you cooperate with a reliable company. Since we always honor a promise or obligation we inspire a feeling of security in our clients. These are the three basic principles through which we strive to fulfill our motto in all circumstances. It has been expressed in the very name of the company:

PSJ - professionalism, reliability, and security."

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