Basic information

PSJ INVEST is a development company. We have acquired considerable experience including some particularly demanding projects since our foundation in 1995.

PSJ Invest has operated on the Czech market for over 20 years. We have brought to life a number of successful developments. Our portfolio contains over 217,000 square meters of office and shopping centres, commercial centres and industrial parks or houses and residential complexes.

One of our primary purposes is to increase the activities of PSJ INVEST both at home and abroad. We are glad to be considered an important client of credibility in Czech and foreign banks. Trust of our clients and business partners is the basis of PSJ INVEST's business success. We believe that the number of satisfied clients will continue to grow ...

PSJ INVEST provides a full range of professional services in the management of construction projects. We are able to find sites for development and financial resources; and we can resolve both technical and economic issues. We co-ordinate tasks at the project engineering stage and, of course, we are able to implement your project. Finally and most importantly we will sell your real estate at a profit in the open market. We strive to optimize costs in order to maximize profit. It is good to regularly reaquaint ourselves with this aim ...


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